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Istriratna - स्त्रीरत्न

Istriratna is meant for ladies’ ailments. It is a unique remedy for leucorhoea, backache, anaemia and other women diseases. It has a goodness of 39 valuable herbs including ashoka bark, ashwagandha, bal chad, nilopher, lodh, jia potta, satavar etc.

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Directions for Use :-

*For every type of menstrual disorder use with hot water (1/2 cup)

*In case of sterility use with 1/4th tea spoon pure ghee and 1/2 cup (125 ml) cow's milk (recommended, not necessary)

continuously for 6 months

*In case of recurrent abortion use with milk during 2nd to 6th month of pregnancy

*In case of premature delivery use

with milk of cow (125 ml) 

*In case of debility, Anaemia and Backache etc. use with milk or water

*In case of leucorrihoea use with fresh water or water of rice.

Important:- Use IstriRatna continuously for 6 weeks twice a day.

One Dose :- 2 Spoons (Approx. 12 ml.) 

Avoid :- Oily and fried food, spicy food, khatai.

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Narsingh Tel - नरसिंह तेल

Narsingh tel is very effective for injuries, all kinds of wound and very useful for joint pain. It is made by extracting 8 valuable herbs including Pokhar mool, Rattan jot, Majitha, Mitha telia along with richness of Mustard oil etc.

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Khansnil - खाँसनिल

Khansnil is our ayurvedic solution to cough, cold and sore throat. It is composed of 24 natural herbs including Gulbanafsa, Kakrasinghi, Mulethi, Arjun Chhal, Pippal, Nisode, Banse ka patta etc, which are combined in an effective way to provide relief from all sorts of cold, sore throat and stubborn cough.


Safrin - साफरीन

Safrin is a tried remedy for skin diseases as pimples, boils, urticaria etc and for complexion care. It has goodness of 21 valuable herbs which includes Anant Mool, Neem chaal, BabsGillo, Satavar, Daru Haldi, Trifala etc. This helps in improving overall skin health.


Navjiwan Rasayan - नवजीवन रसायन

Navjiwan Rasayan is a tonic for men which increases vigor and vitality by reducing weakness. It is composed of 39 herbs and Bhasam which includes Ashwagandha, Musli, Salam Mishri, Jaiphal, Shilajeet, Beej Bidhara, Konch Beej, Loh Bhasam, Bang Bhasam, Swarn Bang etc.

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